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Windy Cortelyou has over 13 years of business professional management experience.

Windy has been a Director/Controller with SES since the very beginning. Windy has

helped develop and improve all tasks necessary to accomplish payroll processing

objectives, including internal and external audits, filing of federal and multiple state

reports and resolution of issues. Her position has grown into managing benefits,

workers’ compensation and insurance accounting for multiple companies. Windy

oversees the payroll department while maintaining strong customer relations with all of

her clients. Windy earned her Associates degree in Computer Technology from ECPI

College of technology.


Prior to SES Windy proudly served our country for over 11 years in the US Navy with

duty stations ranging from Iceland to Scotland as well as onboard US Naval ships. Yes,

she is a Shellback!!!

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Employee Benefits


Client coverage

Payroll management to reduce
employer time and cost.
Complete accuracy so you can
focus on running your business.
Compliance expertise, so you
have a solid team.
Payroll management to reduce
employer time and cost.
Workers comp, general liability
to protect your business.
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