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Vykki brings 20 years of experience in Human Resources serving as a Generalist, Business

Partner, Manager and Director. Vykki is certified by the Society for Human Resources

Management (SHRM) as a professional in Human Resources (SPHR). Vykki has built a solid

reputation as Human Resources Professional with trusted businesses and industries in over 50

states, from PEO’s, Manufacturing, Federal contractors, Managed Care and not-for- profit’s.

Vykki’s primary focus is HR Compliance and she has an impressive track record of defusing

potential HR complaints before they turn into a potential charge or lawsuit. Vykki majored in

Human Resources and received a bachelor of Human Resources Management from University of


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Employee Benefits


Client coverage

Payroll management to reduce
employer time and cost.
Complete accuracy so you can
focus on running your business.
Compliance expertise, so you
have a solid team.
Payroll management to reduce
employer time and cost.
Workers comp, general liability
to protect your business.
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