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Melonie Duckhardt-Wood has over 20 years in sales, sales training and sales

management. Having spent a large majority of that time in the HR outsourcing industry,

Melonie has a deep understanding of what business owners needs are and works

closely with her clients helping them not only achieve their goals but also impacting their

business to help them grow and prosper. Melonie is considered a SME (Subject Matter

Expert) in the HR Outsourcing and Training Industry.


Melonie is originally from the Great Commonwealth of Virginia- a long time VA Tech

family history. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, and a minor in Physics from

the University of South Florida.


Prior to joining SES, Melonie spent 12 years at Dale Carnegie Training, the world’s

largest training organization, helping business owners achieve maximum profits through


Melonie’s commitment to helping her clients grow, reduce operating expenses and

impacting the bottom line is her top priority! You will find Melonie on your side when it

comes to YOUR Business.

Melonie is a wonderful woman, fun, festive, a great cook, not so good singer, is married

to a very handsome hunk AND is just too wonderful WOOOHOOO !

Get a quote now, call 813.935.7596 or chat with us below



Employee Benefits


Client coverage

Payroll management to reduce
employer time and cost.
Complete accuracy so you can
focus on running your business.
Compliance expertise, so you
have a solid team.
Payroll management to reduce
employer time and cost.
Workers comp, general liability
to protect your business.
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